Certification by a governing industry organization ensures that a practitioner possesses a level of knowledge which has been deemed by an group of peers as sufficient to carry out their job.

ASIS Physical Security Professional

For security professionals, the ASIS PSP® certification certifies a body of knowledge covering the following domains essential for design of security solutions:

  • Physical security assessment
  • Application, design, and integration of physical security systems
  • Implementation of physical security measures


Training completed ensures active engagement in both the technical expertise and capabilities of a practicioner.

Professional in Critical Infrastructure Protection

Protecting critical infrastructure goes beyond a simple threat assessment, but requires a complete understanding of a capability, its dependencies, and how each component is affected.

Trained individuals who complete the week-long course, practicum, and exam are capable of:

  • Analyzing an organization to determine its inherent risk
  • Use an all-hazards approach to determine threats to the organization
  • Examine both protection and resilience measures and determine mitigation options
  • Analyze options to mitigate threats and determine costs and residual risk
  • Recommend sustainable costed options
  • Present findings and recommendations in auditable format


Ability to obtain clearance and execute projects requiring reliability and secret clearance(s).